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Making Champions

L10 Management Group are leaders in pushing our football clients to reach the apex of their playing and post careers.

Our success comes from our unique “total management” approach, which sees us identify the best young players and then be their guide at all stages of their careers, from signing their first pro contracts right up to lifting the Champions League trophy and beyond.

L10 Management Groups’ team of dedicated staff take care of everything, be it complex contract negotiations, commercial opportunities, individual athletic development, nutritional advice, mental health, sports psychology or a client’s social media presence.

It’s all about ensuring that clients can concentrate on being the very best they can be while enjoying all the rewards their talent and hard work deserve.

Our football division has a diverse scouting network, with global networks and contacts at all levels of football helping to open doors at every stage of a client’s journey.

The track record speaks for itself. By continuing to exceed expectations with a unique blend of sports and management expertise L10 Management Group continues to 'Make Champions'

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Strategic & Targeted



Here at L10 Management Group, we focus on our athlete's career path, through our years of professional experience, we help, aid and assist our athletes in any future goals they may have in store.  Together we can work on multiple plans to help further your career, we focus on the understanding of markets and the subtleties that exist within. We help and guide our clients so that they have the best preparation in order to be successful. The main component is personal management to become successful, we also help and guide our clients with the correct way to conduct themselves in order to keep a substantial public image.


Here at L10 Management, we offer a plan to our clients and all stages of their career. We do our best to achieve the best guaranteed contacts while managing your career on a daily basis to help and push your talents to the next level. L10 Management Group are always on the prowl to find new opportunities for our clientele as our main concern is our client's happiness, we work around the clock 24/7 our office is always open.

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L10 management Group constantly promotes our players to potential clubs and coaches throughout the world by using our network of international contacts, with the hope to place a player in the best situation for them to be successful, we constantly push our athletes on social media to help build brands and find sponsorships.


L10 Management Group offers legal assistance for any issues that may arise, from contract disputes or any other legal matters. We will see through the issue together and help guide you to get the best settlement possible. Protecting our clients is a must and through thick or thin we will always have your best interest at heart.


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L10 MG: Football: Services
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